2013 Champagne import statistics.

Statistics For 2013 exports have been released and for Australia there is a disturbing trend.

Maisons were up from 5,180,981 to 5,854,159 up 12%,
Cooperatives from 31,477 to 47,963 up 52%
and   Vignerons from 180,464 down to 107,487 – down by 40%.

The huge drop in the Vigneron figures can only be attributed to the huge discounting campaign by the big houses. Over Xmas many big brand names were being sold for $100 for a three pack. Very disappointing and with the currency still being flat, the Vignerons will take two or three years to recover.

Growers unite in a wealth of tastings.

2009 saw a band of like minded growers hold an exhibition of vin clairs and Champagnes in Ay – called Terres et Vins de Champagne – around the middle of April.  This event will now be in its 6th year. Other growers have seen the common sense approach and created similar events around the same time. These events allow professionals the ability to easily assess and discover the grower styles.

This year – along with Terres et Vins, we have Les Mains de Terroir, Les Artisans du Champagne, Origines Champagne, Generation Champagne and a few more. So now a total of 5 confirmed events.

terroirs_&_talentsChampagne Eric Rodez – Ambonnay
Champagne Serge Mathieu – Avirey Lingey
Champagne De Sousa – Avize –
Champagne Maurice Vesselle – Bouzy –
Champagne Aspasie – Brouillet –
Champagne Vazart Coquart – Chouilly –
Champagne Fallet-Dart – Drachy –
Champagne Janisson Baradon et Fils – Epernay –
Champagne Michel Loriot – Festigny –
Champagne Philippe Gonet – Mesnil-sur-Oger-
Champagne Jacques Copinet – Montgenost –
Champagne Sélèque – Pierry –
Champagne Maxime Blin – Trigny –
Champagne Penet Chardonnet – Verzy –
Champagne Coessens -VILLE-SUR-ARCE-

Champagne David Léclapart
Champagne Agrapart & fils
Champagne Françoise Bedel
Champagne Bérèche & fils
Champagne Francis Boulard & fille
Champagne Chartogne-Taillet
Champagne Couche
Champagne Marie Courtin
Champagne Pascal Doquet
Champagne René Geoffroy
Champagne Etienne Goutorbe
Champagne Olivier Horiot
Champagne Jeaunaux-Robin
Champagne Benoît Lahaye
Champagne Laherte Frères
Champagne Vincent Laval
Champagne Marie-Noëlle Ledru
Champagne Franck Pascal
Champagne Hubert Paulet
Champagne Pouillon & fils
Champagne Tarlant

generationsChampagne Herbert BEAUFORT
Champagne Stéphane COQUILLETTE
Champagne LAGILLE & fils
Champagne Joseph LORIOT PAGEL
Champagne Sadi MALOT
Champagne Rémy MASSIN & fils
Champagne SALMON
Champagne André ROBERT
Champagne VEUVE OLIVIER & fils

logo-artisans-champagneChampagne  Maillart
Champagne Marc Hebrart
Champagne Lancelot
Champagne Huré
Champagne Paillard
Champagne Dehours
Champagne Vergnon
Champagne Fleury
Champagne Peters
Champagne Vilmart
Champagne Savart
Champagne Margaine
Champagne Gonet Medeville
Champagne Gerbais
Champagne Doyard
Champagne Gratien

Tyson Stelzer 2014-2015 Champagne Guide

This is Tysons third book – and he really ramps up the rhetoric. Big house, small house or grower, all get even treatment and the results are quite shocking!

In his $ Price Range value rating – Tyson rates 18 Champagnes with this award, only 4 are big house, 14 are all highly respected grower Champagnes. Similarly in the $$ value rating, 14 of the 19 Champagnes are growers labels, and in the $$$ range there are 12 growers Champagne in the 18 that are recommended. In much higher priced $$$$ range, the big houses do well – simply because there are no expensive grower Champagnes to put into that category.

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Trade and Press Exhibition – August 27th – at Comme

To celebrate the start of the Champagne season and to showcase the emergence of Artisan Growers Champagnes into Australia – major importers have collaborated to exhibit a range of charismatic and authentic Artisan Champagnes currently available in the Australian market.

The Trade and Press have a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the huge interest in Growers Champagnes  at Comme. Comme is a well  known Melbourne restaurant and event centre just down the hill from the Sofitel.

More and more we see Sommeliers at cutting edge restaurants and fine wine bars featuring Artisan Champagnes – and often not listing any major brand Champagnes. Discover why.

Tuesday 27th August 2013 – Comme – 7 Alfred Place – Melbourne

Morning  10am-12noon.
Afternoon  12:30pm-4pm.

The Growers list  been finalised, Cedric Bouchard, Chartogne Taillet, Gaston Chiquet, Tarlant, Fluteau, Fleury, Vergnon, Seleque, Eric Rodez, Rene Geoffroy, Vouette et Sorbee, David Leclapart, Vincent Laval, Lilbert, Henriet-Bazin, Francis Boulard,  Le Brun Servenay, Bedel, Marc Hebrart, Launois, Jacques Lassaigne, Henri Billiot, Prieur, Voirin-Jumel,  Beaufort, Yves Ruffin,  Saves, Charpentier and others.