Trade and Press Exhibition – August 27th – at Comme

To celebrate the start of the Champagne season and to showcase the emergence of Artisan Growers Champagnes into Australia – major importers have collaborated to exhibit a range of charismatic and authentic Artisan Champagnes currently available in the Australian market.

The Trade and Press have a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the huge interest in Growers Champagnes  at Comme. Comme is a well  known Melbourne restaurant and event centre just down the hill from the Sofitel.

More and more we see Sommeliers at cutting edge restaurants and fine wine bars featuring Artisan Champagnes – and often not listing any major brand Champagnes. Discover why.

Tuesday 27th August 2013 – Comme – 7 Alfred Place – Melbourne

Morning  10am-12noon.
Afternoon  12:30pm-4pm.

The Growers list  been finalised, Cedric Bouchard, Chartogne Taillet, Gaston Chiquet, Tarlant, Fluteau, Fleury, Vergnon, Seleque, Eric Rodez, Rene Geoffroy, Vouette et Sorbee, David Leclapart, Vincent Laval, Lilbert, Henriet-Bazin, Francis Boulard,  Le Brun Servenay, Bedel, Marc Hebrart, Launois, Jacques Lassaigne, Henri Billiot, Prieur, Voirin-Jumel,  Beaufort, Yves Ruffin,  Saves, Charpentier and others.


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  1. Great line up of Champagnes at Comme – NOT to be missed. Best line up ever in Australia or Southern Hemisphere even.

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