Tyson Stelzer 2014-2015 Champagne Guide

This is Tysons third book – and he really ramps up the rhetoric. Big house, small house or grower, all get even treatment and the results are quite shocking!

In his $ Price Range value rating – Tyson rates 18 Champagnes with this award, only 4 are big house, 14 are all highly respected grower Champagnes. Similarly in the $$ value rating, 14 of the 19 Champagnes are growers labels, and in the $$$ range there are 12 growers Champagne in the 18 that are recommended. In much higher priced $$$$ range, the big houses do well – simply because there are no expensive grower Champagnes to put into that category.

Also the categories of “Best Blanc de Blancs”, “Best Rose” and “Best Low Dosage” are heavily laden with Grower Champagnes.

End result is that the grower Champagnes represent much better value for money.

It is a great book and destined to become a definitive guide as to what is happening in the Champagne market. There are some notable growers that didn’t make the guide – maybe next time. Jean Vesselle, Marc Hebrart, Diebolt-Vallois, Claude Cazals, Launois, Francis Boulard, Henriet-Bazin, Marie-Noelle Ledru, Guy Charlemagne, Jean Milan, Pierre Moncuit, Jacques Lassaigne, Jacky Charpentier, Ployez-Jacquemart, Franck Pascal, Cedric Bouchard , Francoise Bedel , Voirin-Jumel and others.